Jan 31, 2011

Spring Flowers

The weather in Vegas is getting cold again. We are going from low 70's to 40's by mid week. Each day when I watch the weather forecast it makes me eager for spring. To help me get into the spring mood, I have ordered some really cute Spring Daisies and Camo Flowers and they will be here within the week. I am so excited to see the camo flowers and I think they will be a hit! Is there any colors of the Spring Daisies that you want? Let us know.


salvesenvinylcreations.blogspot.com said...

all colors please, let me know when they come in! I would be interested in the camo ones, My best friend loves camo!

Kenna said...

Hello, thank you for your comment and inquiry about the camo's. We received our package the other day, but the camo's are on back order. As soon as we receive them I will definitely let you know. We were pretty bummed when we got our email about the back order.

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